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2018 NSCH Data Release

2018 Screener Data and Input Files

Note: In both individual year and multi-year analyses, the NSCH sample size may be limited for smaller populations (e.g., AI/AN) and state-level subgroups or rare outcomes (e.g. adolescent CSHCN or autism in a particular state). Small sample sizes may produce unstable estimates. To minimize misinterpretation, we recommend only presenting statistics with a sample size or unweighted denominator of 30 or more. Further, if the 95% confidence interval width exceeds 20 percentage points or 1.2 times the estimate (≈ relative standard error >30%), we recommend flagging for poor reliability and/or presenting a measure of statistical reliability (e.g. confidence intervals or statistical significance testing) to promote appropriate interpretation. CBDRB-FY19-346

Now available on Data Page: 2018 SAS and STATA files, 2018 NSCH Variable and Frequencies lists, 2018 Data User FAQs, updated Guide to Multiple Imputed Data Analysis, updated Guide to Multi-Year Analysis.

Now available on Technical Documentation page: 2018 Methodology report, 2018 Source and Accuracy Statement, 2018 Nonresponse bias analysis.

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