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Offer and Take-up of Employer-Sponsored Insurance

The purpose of this extract is to provide information on the offer and take-up of employer-sponsored health insurance coverage for individuals who were employed but did not have employer-sponsored coverage in 2019. Consistent with the 2014 through 2018 research extracts, this extract includes information for all employed individuals who do not currently receive employer-sponsored insurance, and documents if health insurance was offered through their employer. In contrast, the main 2019 CPS ASEC public-use file only includes offer and take-up information for employed individuals who are currently covered through employer-sponsored plans, but who are not the policyholder (i.e. covered through a family member’s employer-sponsored plan).

doc   TakeUpReadMe2019   [< 1.0 MB]
doc   TakeUpReadMe   [< 1.0 MB]
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OUTTYP Extracts

In 2014, the Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement (CPS ASEC) was redesigned. Unlike the traditional CPS ASEC, the redesigned CPS ASEC now collects information on type of coverage for every member of the household. The OUTTYP variable in this extract contains information on type of coverage for people who were covered by someone outside the household (OUT = 1) and can be used to replicate estimates in the report and detailed tables.

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ftp   asec15_outtyp.dat   [2.1 MB]
ftp   asec14_outtyp.dat   [2.1 MB]
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