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Census Bureau Index of Economic Activity (IDEA)

Census Bureau Index of Economic Activity (IDEA)

The Census Bureau Index of Economic Activity (IDEA) is an aggregation of 15 of the Census Bureau’s primary economic data series that provides a single time series constructed as a weighted combination. The IDEA is a monthly index that is calculated daily, incorporating the most recent values for each component series, including new estimates and revisions of previous estimates released for any of its component series.

Values for the index are available from August 2004 to the present time and will be updated on each business day moving forward. Historical data of the index is available for download.

New data products, like these experimental statistics, are proving to be extremely valuable to our data users and provide additional insight on the state of the economy.

For more information, view the IDEA methodology and IDEA FAQs. This is the first version of this experimental data. The Census Bureau plans to continually refine the index and invites users to provide feedback on how to improve this experimental product.

Feedback can be shared by email at EID.Economic.Index@census.gov.

Initial Release Date

February 9, 2023 

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Page Last Revised - March 24, 2023
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