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Demographic Analysis & Population Projection System (DAPPS) Software

Release Number DAPPS 3.3

DAPPS is a program designed to help users analyze and produce population projections with ease. It accomplishes this through a user-friendly spreadsheet interface for data entry and the projection power of RUP.

In order to create a population projection, DAPPS requires at least three inputs: a base population, by age and sex (usually based on a census or estimate); a mortality structure, by age and sex (usually a life table or deaths, by age and sex); and a fertility pattern, by age of mother (births or age-specific fertility rates). A fourth input, a pattern of net migration (by age and sex of migrant), is optional but recommended.

The data for these components can originate from either a RUP input file or a spreadsheet-based program, such as Microsoft Excel or United Nations MORTPAK.

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Demographic Analysis & Population Projection System (DAPPS) Software

2019 Workshops

2019 September 16-27: Demographic Analysis and Population Projections

This workshop provides training in the production of population estimates and projections as well as the evaluation of data quality.





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