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Windows 3.1 PC Version

This page pertains to a 1995 version for Windows 3.1 and DOS. The PC version requires: 8 Meg of RAM, a bit more than 1 Meg of disk space, DOS 5.0 or higher or Windows 3.1, and a machine with a math coprocessor (486 DX ...), Pentium, or separate coprocessor on 386. The executable has run on at least one non-Intel processor.

The vplx.exe executable was produced by the Microsoft PowerStation 1.0. The executable is a 16-bit application. (The Win 95/98/NT version is a 32-bit application.) Users are not required to have this product in order to run the program, but vplx.exe and other files should be installed according to the directions in revcha1.pdf. This file uses Adobe's Acrobat format, which is described in the section on VPLX documentation.

Contents of the PC directory:

  • revcha1.pdf - Documentation for installation of the PC version of VPLX, stored as an Acrobat file (binary).
  • examples.zip - Examples and data, including those used in the documentation, in compressed format (binary).
  • vplerror.txt - A file containing error messages.
  • vplx9507.zip - vplx.exe and related files for version 95.07 (binary) (July, 1995).

Page Last Revised - October 8, 2021
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