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X-13-SAM (Spec-file Automated Modifications)

X-13ARIMA-SEATS input specification files (spec files) are text files; editing them one at a time is simple and can be done with any text editor. However, making changes to multiple spec files can be time-consuming. X-13-SAM lets you quickly make changes to many spec files at one time.

With X-13-SAM you can:

  • remove or add specs (named functional units within a spec file),
  • add or change arguments (named values that control program settings),
  • add and revise comments, and
  • reformat the spec file.

All the changes that can be made with X-13-SAM are detailed in Section 4 of the X-13-SAM documentation.

X-13-SAM was designed to modify X-13ARIMA-SEATS spec files. It's best not to overwrite the current spec files in case the program does not perform as anticipated or if you need the original spec files for other purposes.

New features in Version 1.1 include:

  • the ability to delete all outliers before or after a specified date
  • the ability to change only the start or end date of a span argument
  • and the ability to edit arguments not included in the argument list drop-down box

System requirements for the X-13-SAM program, as well as installation instructions, can be found in the X-13-SAM documentation, available on this website.

zip X-13-SAM [<1.0 MB]

Contains all files for X-13-SAM as well as documentation for X-13-SAM, all within an x13sam subdirectory.

Last update: June 15, 2020

X-13-SAM (Spec-file Automated Modifications) Documentation

pdf PDF [<1.0 MB]

For support with the X-13-SAM program, contact Demetra Lytras at any one of the following:
Phone: (301) 763-7426


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