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Below are the data released in the 2012 Economic Census for Health Care and Social Assistance.  All data are available in formatted tables on or as downloadable csv files on the census FTP site, with some exceptions that are highlighted in each data series section.

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Geographic Area Series

This series provides detailed industry statistics by geographic area for establishments of firms with paid employees. Data are shown on the 2012 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) basis. These data superseded the data shown in the Industry Series, and were superseded by data shown in later publication series for selected sectors.

Formatted Tables (links to

EC1262A1 - Health Care and Social Assistance: Geographic Area Series: Summary Statistics for the U.S., States, Metro Areas, Counties, and Places: 2012  

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The following tables from the 2012 release are available as a download from the census ftp site:

EC1262A2 - Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation: Geographic Area Series: Comparative Statistics for the U.S. (2007 NAICS Basis): 2012 and 2007

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Subject/Summary Series

This series includes summary data by industry and other special topics. These data summarize and supersede the information released in the Industry and/or Geographic Area Series. Content for these series are grouped together by topical reports, which include:

  • Product lines, Product Summary, and Industry-Product Analysis Summary (What products an industry makes or sells?)
  • Concentration ratios (How much do the largest firms contribute to the data?)
  • Establishment and firm size (How large are the establishments or firms within an industry?)
  • Other miscellaneous topics (e.g. class of customer, type of food service, end-of-year inventory, petroleum bulk storage, etc.)
  • General Summary (Detailed Manufacturing, Mining, and Construction data for the US)
  • Materials Summary (What materials are used by Manufacturing and Mining industries)
  • Location of Plants Summary (Where are manufacturing plants located)

Data for these topics are primarily available at the U.S. level, but for selected topics, at the state level. Topics covered by each sector will vary.

Formatted Tables (links to

The following tables from the 2012 release are available as a download from the census ftp site:

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ZIP Code Series

This series includes data on establishments broken out by sales size, by postal ZIP codes.

The following tables from the 2012 release are available as a download from the census ftp site:

EC1262Z1 - Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation: ZIP Code Series: Number of Establishments by Receipts/Revenue Size Range by ZIP Code: 2012  

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Core Series

This series provides statistics on the number of establishments; employment; payroll; and value of sales, receipts, revenue, or shipments for establishments of firms with paid employees across all sectors included in the economic census, at the US level and/or by state.

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