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The Hispanic Population in the United States: 2014


Note on Missing Tables:

Tables 17-22 were not produced in 2014 because the source of data used for the Hispanic Population detailed table package, the CPS ASEC sample of 98,000 addresses, is not the official source for income, poverty or health insurance.

The 2014 CPS ASEC included redesigned questions for income and health insurance coverage. All of the approximately 98,000 addresses were selected to receive the improved set of health insurance coverage items. The improved income questions were implemented using a split panel design. Approximately 68,000 addresses were selected to receive a set of income questions similar to those used in the 2013 CPS ASEC. The remaining 30,000 addresses were selected to receive the redesigned income questions.

The 2014 CPS ASEC (which refers to health insurance coverage estimates of the calendar year 2013) is the first to use the improved measures of health insurance coverage. Following more than a decade of research, evaluation, and consultation with outside experts, the Census Bureau implemented an approach shown to improve the accuracy of health insurance coverage measurement. For a list of references, please see the Census Bureau Director's statement on the improved set of health insurance coverage questions. Due to these changes, health insurance data for the 2014 CPS ASEC are not comparable to data from earlier years.


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