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2020 CPS Household Income Table: HINC-03. People in Households-Households, by Total Money Income in 2019, Age, Race and Hispanic Origin of Householder

Household Income in 2019

The CPS 2020 Annual Social and Economic Supplement asked participants to report their household income for 2019.

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All Ages

Under 3 Years

3 to 5 Years

6 to 11 Years

12 to 17 Years

18 to 21 Years

22 to 24 Years

25 to 29 Years

30 to 34 Years

35 to 44 Years

45 to 54 Years

55 to 64 Years

65 to 74 Years

75 Years and over

Symbols Used in Tables
  (B)    Base less than 75,000.
  (NA) Not available.
  (X)    Not applicable.

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For information on confidentiality protection, sampling error, nonsampling error, and definitions, see [PDF - <1.0 MB].

The Census Bureau reviewed this data product for unauthorized disclosure of confidential information and approved the disclosure avoidance practices applied to this release. CBDRB-FY20-372.


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