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National Demographic Analysis Tables: 2020

The 2020 Demographic Analysis (DA) tables contain feature national estimates of population and net coverage error. The estimates of population are available by age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin developed from administrative records, to be used to assess coverage in the decennial census.

Net coverage error is calculated as the percent difference between the census count and the DA estimate:

Net Coverage Error = 100 x [(Census Count - DA Estimate)/DA Estimate]

Please refer to the methodology statement for more detail on how the DA population estimates were produced. 



The U.S. Census Bureau reviewed these data products for unauthorized disclosure of confidential information and approved the disclosure avoidance practices applied to each release. The DRB approval numbers are CBDRB-FY22-DSEP-001 (March 2022 release) and CBDRB-FY21-053 (December 2020 release).

Page Last Revised - March 10, 2022
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