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2020 Annual Business Survey (ABS) – Characteristics of Business Owners

The Annual Business Survey uses the collection year in the survey name rather than a single reference year. This is to better reflect the collection cycle of the survey. Therefore, the 2020 ABS covers reference year 2019.

Multiple owner characteristics are included in the Characteristics of Business Owners table. Below are the links to the data table by owner characteristics topic with Question Description codes for the topics in parenthesis.

For more information on using the Census Bureau’s data platform, visit the resources page.


Year Acquired Ownership of Business (YRACQBUS)

Primary Source of Income (PRIMINC)

Highest Level of Education Completed (EDUC)

Field of Highest Degree (FLDEDUC)

Age of Owner (OWNRAGE)

Owner Born in the United States (USBORN)

Owner a Citizen of the United States (USCITIZEN)

Service-Disabled (DISVETRN)

Other Veteran Characteristics (VETSPECIFIC)

Reasons for Owning the Business (REASONOWN)

Current Status of Prior Businesses Owned (PRIORBUSTAT)


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