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Popular Tables

The Population Estimates Program (PEP) annually releases total population estimates for places and, in selected states, county subdivisions (minor civil divisions). The most recent release was in 2000, covering the years 1991 to 1999. The reference date for place and county subdivision population estimates is July 1. For the 1999 estimates time series, the 1990 base populations for all areas were updated for the first time since the 1990 Census. The new time series reflects boundary and other geographic changes. See "Geographic changes" below for additional information.

PEP produces estimates for all incorporated places; these places include cities, as well as towns, boroughs, and villages, depending on the state. PEP also produces estimates for governmentally functioning minor civil divisions, which are legally defined county subdivisions (see Population Estimates: Concepts in the FAQ below). The population estimates shown in these tables do not reflect any subsequent modifications brought about through the formal challenge process.

NOTE: All population figures are based on the 1990 Census; they do not reflect Census 2000 counts.

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Incorporated Places and Minor Civil Divisions Totals

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1990 and 1999 Population of Cities with Populations of 100,000 or greater

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1990 and 1999 Population of Cities with Populations of 10,000 or greater

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1990 and 1999 Populations, With Numeric and Percent Population Change

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Annual Time Series of Population Estimates, 1991 to 1999, and 1990 Census Population

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