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Release dates for 2020 have been revised.

Seasonally adjusted estimates of shipments of new manufactured homes have been revised back to January 2015.

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Latest Data

December 2019

Average Sales Price (thousands of dollars)


Total Shipped (thousands of units)

Sold and Placed for Residential Use

Intended for Sale for Residential Use

For Non-Residential or Other Use





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May 2020

Not Seasonally Adjusted (thousands of units)



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History of Survey Program

The methodology for collecting information on new manufactured homes for 1974 through 1979 involved contacting a sample of manufactured home dealers each month within 137 geographic areas or primary sampling units. The dealers were asked to provide data on the number of manufactured homes received from manufacturers, the number placed on a site for residential use, and the number held in inventory.

The methodology used after 1979 involved a monthly sample of new manufactured homes shipped by manufacturers. The dealer to whom the sampled unit was shipped was contacted by telephone and asked about the status of the unit. This was done each month until that unit is reported as placed.

The methodology used beginning in August 2014 involves contacting the dealer four months after the unit was shipped to ask about the status of the unit. The dealer is asked to report a sales price if the unit is already sold and placed for residential use or to report an intended sales price if the unit is intended for sale and for residential use. The dealer is no longer contacted each month until the unit is placed. Estimates of average sales price include both actual sales prices and intended sales prices.

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