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Survey of New Manufactured (Mobile) Homes

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To provide current monthly estimates of new manufactured (mobile) homes placed for residential use and dealer inventories. The United States Code, Title 13, authorizes this survey and provides for voluntary responses. The Department of Housing and Urban Development funds this survey.


All new manufactured homes that have received a Federal inspection (i.e., HUD-code homes).


Data collected include manufacturer’s date of shipment, sales price, date of placement for residential use, placement location (state, county, and community), how titled, and home physical characteristics such as foundation, number of bedrooms, floor area, and air conditioning.


Data collection begins about 40 days after each reference month, and continues for about 9 days. Reported data are for activities taking place two months earlier. The sample is updated each month. The survey is conducted monthly since 1974.


A mail-out and telephone interview survey of about 1,000 dealers covering an inventory of some 1,200 selected new manufactured homes is conducted each month. In addition, a sample of newly manufactured homes is selected from lists obtained from the Institute for Building Technology and Safety. Dealers that take shipment of the selected homes are mailed a survey form for recording the status of the manufactured home. Each successive month, the dealer is contacted by telephone and provides updated status information about the home. Contact continues until the selected home is placed. From the sample data, monthly placements in the U.S. are estimated and seasonally adjusted.


Monthly survey results are placed on the Manufactured Homes Survey website and include preliminary estimates and the two prior month figures for units placed, average sales price, and dealers’ inventories by geographical region. Annual data are available by state. This data is available about 8 weeks after each reference month.

Annual manufactured homes data on characteristics by location and type of home placed, and detailed price data on units sold, are available about 5 months after each calendar year and placed on the Selected Characteristics of Manufactured Homes page.


The Bureau of Economic Analysis uses the data as an input to estimates of residential fixed investment. The Department of Housing and Urban Development uses the data to monitor total new housing production and its affordability.

Trade associations use the data for housing market analysis. Manufacturers and their suppliers use the estimates to monitor trends in prices and characteristics (e.g., floor area, number of bedrooms, presence of central air-conditioning). Trade publications cite estimates in articles.


Provides an indicator of manufactured home residential housing activity.


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