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1. What is the difference between modular and manufactured homes?

Modular homes require a building permit and are subject to local zoning and building code standards. Manufactured homes must meet building standards defined by the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and are defined as a movable dwelling, 8 feet or more wide and 40 feet or more long, designed to be towed on its own chassis, with transportation gear integral to the unit when it leaves the factory, and without need of a permanent foundation. No building permit is required for a manufactured home.

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2. Do you have data on modular homes versus manufactured homes?

No. The Manufactured Housing Survey (MHS) does not include data for modular homes.

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3. Are there other sources of data for manufactured or modular housing?

Yes. There are other surveys/censuses that provide data on manufactured and modular housing. This information can be obtained by exploring the following websites:

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4. Do you have any information at the state, local, or region level?

Yes. The Manufactured Housing Survey produces monthly regional estimates of manufactured home placements, average sales prices, and dealers' inventories and more detailed annual estimates by state. In addition, the Manufactured Housing Survey produces annual regional estimates for selected characteristics of new manufactured homes.

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5. Do you have any demographic information on manufactured homeowners?

No. The Manufactured Housing Survey does not collect any demographic data. The data for the Manufactured Housing Survey are collected from the dealers and not from manufacturers or homeowners.

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6. Do you have information concerning repossessed homes or resale of units?

No. The Manufactured Housing Survey does not include data on repossessed homes or resale units. The shipments figures are based on reports submitted by manufacturers on the number of manufactured homes actually shipped during the survey month. The data collected on the homes for our survey relates to the initial placement of the home.

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