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116th Congress Block Equivalency Files

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These BEFs are the whole 2010 census tabulation block representations of the plans as submitted to the U.S. Census Bureau. In instances where plans included split blocks, it was requested that the state liaison identify a single district to assign the split block for use by the U.S. Census Bureau for data tabulation purposes. Each .ZIP file contains a national block equivalency file and individual state files for those states who reported changes during this collection cycle. In some instances, those reported changes were cosmetic and did not result in an actual change to the whole block assignments. The fields in these files should be imported as text to preserve leading zeros.


  • Congressional districts are identified by a 2-character numeric FIPS code and a 2-character numeric district code. This generates congressional districts that are numbered uniquely within state. The district code used by the Census Bureau for at large states is 00. The District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico have the district code of 98, which identifies their status with respect to representation in Congress:
    • 01 to 53—Congressional district codes
    • 00—At large (single district for state)
    • 98—Nonvoting delegate
  • In Connecticut, Illinois, and Michigan the state participant did not assign the congressional districts to cover all of the state or equivalent area. The code “ZZ” has been assigned to areas with no congressional district defined (usually large water bodies). These unassigned areas are treated within state as a single congressional district for purposes of data presentation.
  • The state of Maryland adjusted the 2010 Census P.L [94-171] redistricting data by reallocating state prisoner populations to their last known residence. Information on this adjustment is available on their website.
  • The state of Hawaii adjusted the 2010 Census P.L [94-171] redistricting data to remove non-resident military personnel and non-resident students. Information on this adjustment is available on their website.


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