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Address Count Listing Files

The Address Count Listing files are available for download from our file transfer protocol (FTP) site. The files include total housing units (including transitory units) and total group quarters counts, by 2020 census tabulation block. These housing unit and group quarters counts represent final counts for the 2020 Census.

File Naming Convention 

These pipe delimited text files are named using the following convention: <st>_<name>_AddressBlockCountList_<mm><yyyy>.txt,  where:

  • <st> = Two-digit state FIPS code
  • <name> = Concatenated state (or equivalent) name
  • <mm> = Two-digit month the file was created
  • <yyyy> = Four-digit year the file was created 

An example file name is: 


Record Layout 

Field Name

Field Description


Two-digit state FIPS code


Three-digit county FIPS code


The census tract number consists of six digits with an implied decimal between the fourth and fifth digits corresponding to the basic census tract number but with leading zeroes and trailing zeroes for census tracts without a suffix.


Four-digit census block number. Census blocks are numbered uniquely from 0000 to 9999 within census tract, which nest within state and county. The first digit of the census block number identifies the block group.


Concatenation of STATE, COUNTY, TRACT, and BLOCK fields, described above, for use in joining the census block-level feedback data to the census blocks in the partnership shapefiles.


Total number of addresses in the entity count list identified as housing units or transitory units by data in the Master Address File (MAF).


Total number of addresses in the entity count list identified as group quarters by data in the MAF.


Address Count Listing Files Viewer

The Address Count Listing Files viewer supplements the Address Count Listing files with an interactive map of the same information. The viewer also includes AREA LAND and AREA WATER (in square meters).




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