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It is important to note that these PDF maps are re-creations of the 1990 Census Tract/BNA outline maps and differ from the original 1990 Census Tract Outline Maps. Similar to the 2000 Census Tract outline maps, these maps are county-based and created for all 1990 Counties/County Equivalents in the United States. All maps display the 1990 geography; however, the features displayed on these maps are those shown on the Census 2000 maps.

These maps show the boundaries and numbers of the 1990 census tracts/BNAs as well as the named features underlying the boundaries. They also show the boundaries, names and codes for 1990 American Indian/Alaska Native areas, counties, county subdivisions, and places. The scale of the maps will be optimized to keep the number of map sheets for each area to a minimum, but the scale and number of sheets will vary by the area size of the county and the complexity of the census tracts.

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