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The 2000 Census Block Map Series, also referred to as the Geographic Unit (GU) block maps, is produced to support the 2000 Decennial Census data release. These maps display tabulation geography down to the census block level. The 2000 Census Block Maps are produced for the following entities: counties and statistically equivalent entities, minor civil divisions (MCDs), census county divisions (CCDs) and statistically equivalent entities, incorporated places, census designated places (CDPs), consolidated cities, sub-MCDs, federal American Indian reservations, state American Indian reservations, Oklahoma tribal statistical areas (OTSAs), Alaska Native village statistical areas (ANVSAs), tribal designated statistical areas (TDSAs), state designated tribal statistical areas (SDTSAs), tribal subdivisions, and Hawaiian home lands (HHLs).

These large-scale maps show the boundaries and numbers for all census blocks within an entity. In addition to state and county, these maps show the boundaries, names and codes for American Indian areas, Alaska Native areas, Hawaiian home lands, county subdivisions, places and census tracts. The intent of this series is to show each entity on the fewest number of map sheets possible and at the maximum practical scale, depending on the size and shape of the entity and the density of the census blocks it contains. Census block density affects the display of the census blocks numbers and feature identifiers. Each entity is covered by one or more parent map sheets at a single scale. Inset map sheets at larger scales were created as required to show the map content described above. An index map showing the sheet configuration is included for all entities requiring more than one parent map sheet. The map sheet size is 36 x 33 inches.

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