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2010 Census - Tribal Tract Reference Maps

These federal American Indian reservation-based maps show and label tribal census tracts and tribal block groups as delineated to support 2010 Census data dissemination. These maps also show the boundaries and names of American Indian reservations, off-reservation trust lands (ORTLs), Alaska Native areas, Hawaiian home lands, states, counties, county subdivisions, and places. Additionally, these maps display a base feature network including roads, railroads, and water bodies. These features are labeled as map scale permits. Each entity is covered by one or more parent map sheets at a single scale. An index map showing the sheet configuration is included for all entities requiring more than one parent map sheet. The map sheet size is 36 by 32 inches.

Each set of tribal tract reference maps is accompanied by a ‘tribal block group-to-map sheet’ (TBG2MS) relationship file. These semicolon-delimited text files include a record for each tribal block group within the federal American Indian reservation, consisting of the code and name of the tract, as well as a list of all related map sheet numbers for that block group.

For more information about tribal tracts and other American Indian geography, please see our Geographic Terms and Concepts page.

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