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A prototype of the P.L. 94-171 County Block Map series is available for Providence County, RI. These large-scale maps show the boundaries and numbers for all census blocks within a county. In addition to state and county, these maps show the boundaries, names, and codes for American Indian/Alaska Native areas, Hawaiian home lands, county subdivisions, places, and census tracts. These maps also show and label state legislative districts (SLDs) and voting districts (VTDs), the geographic entities that the states submitted during their participation in the early phases of the Census Redistricting Data Program. The P.L. 94-171 County Block Maps also show and label base features, such as roads, railroads, and hydrography. The intent of this map series is to map each county on the fewest number of map sheets possible and at the maximum practical scale, depending on the size and shape of the county and the density of the tabulation block patterns. Block pattern density affects the display of block numbers and feature identifiers. Each county is covered by one or more parent map sheets at a single scale. Inset map sheets at larger scales are created as required to show the map content described above. An index map sheet showing the sheet configuration is created for all counties requiring more than one parent sheet. The map sheet size is 36 by 32 inches.


Each map is accompanied by two map sheet relationship files: 1) Census Block to Map Sheet File (BLK2MS) - This semicolon delimited text file includes a record for each census block within the county, consisting of the corresponding state, county, tract, and block codes for the block and a list of all the map sheets where that block appears. 2) Voting District to Map Sheet File (VTD2MS) – This semicolon delimited text file contains the code and name for each VTD in the county, and lists map sheet numbers where each VTD appears.


A catalog file including the file name, entity name, and total number of map sheets is available in the directory with the maps.


Download maps: 

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