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What if You Missed the Deadline

Sun Apr 18 2010
Robert Groves
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I’ve talked to some folks who didn’t mail in their completed census form by April 16.

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“What should I do?” they say (usually after providing logical reasons why they couldn’t get it in the mail by Friday).

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As I noted in an earlier entry, getting the form in the mail by April 16 provides pretty strong assurance that we’ll be able to process it and cross your household off the list to receive follow-up calls.

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With each passing day, our ability to give you that assurance is reduced, because of the time required for us to receive the form from the postal service, check it in, and get it crossed off our list.

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What to do? Complete the form and mail it back. We’ll do the best we can to avoid having someone visit your home. If we don’t get it in time, please understand that someone may visit and ask you the same questions as on the form. We train them to do that. You’ll think of it as completely redundant, but providing the answers will guarantee that we have a response from you and get you counted properly. Please be cooperative with the request.

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