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Progress Report, Three Weeks Into Nonresponse Followup

Mon May 24 2010
Robert Groves
Component ID: #ti1073445731

We’ve finished the third week of the Nonresponse Followup stage of the 2010 Census.

Component ID: #ti1956981439

The completion of interviews in this phase is proceeding roughly on schedule. As of Saturday, we completed over 50% of the entire workload.

Component ID: #ti536509776

I continue to urge our field staff to treat all those you encounter with the utmost respect; you are the face of the Federal government to many of your respondents; we count on your professionalism to communicate the benefits of their participation in the 2010 census. Especially in those cases where the respondent reports that they have already returned a completed form, please explain that our efforts to followup are motivated by counting everyone once and only once. We appreciate their cooperation.

Component ID: #ti536509775

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