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Update on the Last Field Operations

Tue Aug 24 2010
Robert Groves
Component ID: #ti1729319404

As I noted in an earlier post, we are now running two field operations as part of the quality improvement phase of the 2010 Census – the vacant/delete check (double checking the status of units of a variety of types, and conducting interviews for supplemental households added to our list too late to include them in mailout or earlier operations) and the field verification check (where we check the addresses of some units that used a “be counted” form or called the Telephone Questionnaire Assistance line to respond).

Component ID: #ti1217684240

On the vacant/delete check, we are very nearly complete (above 99%) and on schedule. We’re finding that about 26% of the 8.5 million units are occupied. Most of those, we suspect, are those supplemental addresses that we added into this operations based on new postal delivery units or updates from local officials. This operation is somewhat over budget, but given savings in other areas, we can absorb this overage.

Component ID: #ti1963447135

On the “field verification” operation, we have completed about 95% of the work. This too is on schedule.

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