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Off to Help Celebrate with the Village of Plato

Mon May 09 2011
Robert Groves
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I’m off to help the people of Plato, Missouri, a small village in South Central Missouri, celebrate their being named the 2010 Center of Population.

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The center of the population as defined by the 2010 Census is that point in the US that if we imagined a flat surface representing all the geography (including Alaska and Hawaii), with all residents weighing exactly the same, we would have a perfect balance on the surface.

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This decade the center of population moved from Edgar Springs, MO, to Plato, southwest by about 20 miles or so.

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I’ll meet with students at the school and help the local officials unveil the marker placed by the US Geodetic Survey designating the center of population.

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See how the center of population has moved over the decades.

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