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Happy 2014 Test Census Day!

Tue Jul 01 2014
John H. Thompson
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You may remember that in 2010, April 1 marked Census Day, or the reference day for counting the population. Each decennial census has its own Census Day, and the 2014 Census test, currently underway in parts of Washington D.C. and Montgomery County, Md., is no different. For the test, July 1, 2014 is your Census Day.

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If you are participating in the test, happy Census Day to you!  You should fill out your questionnaire based on the people and circumstances of your household on July 1. Your participation will help us build a more innovative and cost-effective 2020 Census.

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If you are selected to participate, we encourage you to go online and fill out the questionnaire. One of our goals is to test internet response. In 2020, we expect as much as 55 percent of the population to respond online. This test researches both the Internet as a response option and as a way to contact people prior to the survey.

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With the 2014 Census Test, we are researching on a small scale, new methods and advanced technologies to make the constitutionally mandated once-a-decade headcount quick, easy and secure with a goal of saving up to $5 billion in operating costs for the 2020 Census. Through the smart use of technology and information already available from government sources, the 2020 Census seeks to provide substantial taxpayer savings while maintaining a commitment to quality, accuracy and confidentiality.

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We are also still hiring for the 2014 Test. The Census Bureau will hire 1,000 temporary office and field staff in the Washington, D.C., and Montgomery County, Md., area. Pay ranges from $14 to $21.50 an hour. Call 1-888-480-1639 for information on how to apply.

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I will continue to update you on preparations for the 2020 Census. You can also read my previous blog post on the opening of our Local Census Office for the 2014 Test last month.

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