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Thank You, Providence

September 27, 2018
Written By: Dr. Ron Jarmin, Performing the Nonexclusive Functions and Duties of the Director

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Providence, Rhode Island, where the 2018 Census Test is wrapping up. During my visit I sat down and spoke with some of the folks who did a great job managing our area census office during the 2018 Census Test about what they experienced during the test. I also met and thanked local officials and partners who were crucial in raising awareness of the test.

Photo: Ron Jarmin and Jeff Behler, director of the New York Regional Office, met with members of the Rhode Island Complete Count Committee.

The 2018 Census Test supports the goal of the 2020 Census, which is to count everyone once, only once, and in the right place. The test provided insights and will guide our planning to ensure a complete and accurate census. As 2020 Census operations move forward, the Census Bureau will use the results from the test to refine the use of mobile technology, administrative records, innovations from the geospatial industry, and self-response via the internet and phone.

With a response rate of 52.3 percent, we learned that more than half of all households responded to the test on their own — surpassing our test estimate of 49.3 percent. Of those who responded on their own, 61.2 percent did so through the internet (surpassing the projected proportion of internet responses by 2 percentage points), 7.5 percent responded by phone, and 31.3 percent answered the test by mailing back a paper questionnaire.

Photo: Ron Jarmin presenting a certificate of appreciation to Ben Smith, deputy director of communications for the Providence Mayor's Office.

Those who didn’t respond via the internet, by phone, or to the mailed questionnaire on their own, were visited by one of the more than 700 census takers hired for the 2018 Census Test — and many local members of the community were a part of that team of census takers.

Their hard work, dedication and feedback throughout this test have been valuable in helping us put the finishing touches on 2020 Census planning.

Photo: Ron Jarmin presenting a certificate of appreciation to John Marion, executive director for Common Cause Rhode Island.

Photo: Ron Jarmin with Marie Fraley, managing director for Portuguese-American Leadership Council of the United States.

So thank you, Providence, for your support and participation during this critical test. With less than two years until Census Day, the 2018 Census Test has proved that we are on track and well on our way to a successful 2020 Census.

Photo: Ron Jarmin with Jeff Behler and members of the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training.

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