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It’s getting better…

Thu Feb 04 2010
Rosanna Torres
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Component ID: #ti1996659515

Technology has boosted over the past couple of years with advances that few of our grandparents ever imagined possible. We now have gadgets that pinpoint our exact locations by satellite, digital video recorders for your TV, motion detector video gaming systems, and the list goes on. AESDirect is keeping up with the pace. Long awaited enhancements are already available for users.

Component ID: #ti1060584404

  • Automatic Password Retrieval

Component ID: #ti1060584403

Similar to most commercial websites, AESDirect has added a function to the login authentication system that allows users to reset forgotten passwords on-line. This is done by providing responses to a set of security questions once logged in to any account. If the password is forgotten or expired, the user simply clicks on the “Forgot your password?” link. Then, he/she provides the correct response to one of the established security questions and the password may be reset online.

Component ID: #ti1060584402

  • Look-Up Feature and Code Tables

Component ID: #ti1060584401

A lookup icon has been implemented for fields that require codes making them easy to locate and add to your form.

Component ID: #ti1060584400

  • New, easy- to-use Template Manager 

Component ID: #ti1060584398

  • Account Summary

Component ID: #ti1060584397

All accounts feature a new Account Summary on the left panel of the Main Menu. It will include information pertinent to your company’s account, including who the Account Administrator and User Managers are.

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