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Resources in Spanish for the Trade Community

Thu Apr 08 2010
Eric Gauthier
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An objective of the Foreign Trade Division (FTD) is to obtain the most accurate export information possible. As part of our efforts to accomplish this and to have as many parties as possible reporting their Electronic Export Information (EEI) correctly, the FTD has available multiple resources to the Spanish speaking community when reporting export data to the Automated Export System (AES).

Developing resources to reach the Spanish speaking community arises from constant feedback from the trade community, especially in the Southwestern area of the country. It has been expressed that a considerable amount of exporters and authorized agents find it helpful and easier to have resources in Spanish when filing their EEI, as it enhances their business practices and facilitates trade.

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One resource is the AES Newsletter that has been available to the public in both English and Spanish starting with the April 2009 edition. The AES Newsletter provides valuable information on system enhancements, the outreach efforts, and articles on common reporting issues by the filers and related Federal Trade Regulations information.

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Another resource is the AESPcLink software that is available in both English and Spanish. Users can select,
the language they wish the data elements and the Help narrative to appear. Although the EEI must be completed and submitted in English, this feature allows users to know what the fields mean which reduces confusion and supports accurate data filing.

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In addition, the FTD offers AES Compliance Seminars and AESPcLink workshops completely in Spanish. The first of these outreach efforts were conducted in San Diego, CA on July 2009 and proved to be a success. The FTD trained 35 persons during the AES Compliance Seminar and 28 in the AES PcLink? Workshops. Based on this success, new AES Compliance Seminars and AES PcLink? Workshops in Spanish have been scheduled. The FTD held an event in Miami, FL during the week of March 8, 2010 and one will be conducted in San Juan, PR in May 26, 2010.

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Lastly, the FTD also has Spanish speaking representatives available on the FTD Call Center in all three options: AES, Commodity Analysis, and Regulations, Outreach, and Education. The Call Center provides live assistance to all members of the trade community.

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The FTD will continue supporting Spanish resources to the export trade community, as the feedback has been positive. Our goal at FTD is to ensure compliance and capture accurate export trade data from our clients.

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