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Appendices A,D,F, and U: Get to know them better

Tue Jun 01 2010
Kenny Soo
Component ID: #ti90922996

When the AES was created, the programmers wrote a technical but useful document called the AESTIR which stands for the Automated Export System Trade Interface Requirements. It helps us, AES Client Representatives, to assist the trade with technical issues such as Fatal Errors and other AES Response Messages.

Component ID: #ti2138988240

Most of the information in the AESTIR is helpful for you to know. If I had only four recommendations to make, they would be Appendices A, D, F, and U. Each of these appendices will help you with most of the problems you encounter. Depending on the type of shipments you make, you’ll use some appendices more than the others. For example, Appendix U is great for people who ship Used Vehicles, and Appendix F is great for people who file licensed shipments.

Component ID: #ti1721633151

To make this compact and easy to file, look at the chart below to get an idea of what each of the appendices offer.

Component ID: #ti1721633150

Appendix A Resolve Response Messages Gives explanations and solutions to all fatal, verification, compliance, and other messages
Appendix D Port of Export Codes Lists all port codes in the U.S. and the method of transportation available at each port.
Appendix F License Type Codes Gives guidance on the license and license exemption information to report
Appendix U Schedule B for Used Vehicles Lists all Schedule B’s for used vehicles. If not on the list, it’s not considered a used vehicle

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