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Want to learn how to be compliant with the FTR and AES?

Thu Jul 14 2011
Melannie Belton
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The U.S Census Bureau’s Foreign Trade Division (FTD) conducts AES Compliance Seminars along with AESPcLink workshops in various areas of the United States. The objective of the AES Compliance Seminars/Workshops is to help companies and individuals understand their export reporting requirements, implement best practices to ensure compliance and reporting accuracy, and also to avoid costly encounters with enforcement agencies due to non-compliance.

The FTD also provides opportunities to sponsor these AES Compliance seminars and workshops in your area. As a sponsor, the FTD will provide a team of foreign trade experts that will travel to your location of choice for the training. Benefits of partnership include assuring that your company stays compliant and informed about the Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) , as well as providing information to assist the trade community on the exporting process.

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In these presentations the U.S. Census Bureau experts will cover major changes that have been made to the FTR, the regulatory filing requirements of the FTR, how to classify commodities by providing an understanding of the Schedule B classification requirements, and providing a thorough overview of the AES. In addition, a Customs Border and Protection officer will address questions regarding export enforcement and a representative from the Bureau of Industry and Security will discuss license shipments in the AES. AESPcLink Workshops are offered to participants so that they can enjoy the benefits of FREE electronic filing of their export information via the Windows-based desktop PC Component AESPcLink.

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The dates of the upcoming 2011 seminars and workshops can be found below:

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For complete details, including complete schedule, fees, flyers and registration information, go to our schedule for the 2011 events. If the information you are looking for can not be found on the website, please check back often as we are always in the process of updating our site with appropriate details pertaining to all seminars/workshops.

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