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Missed Our Latest Webinar?

Wed May 08 2013
Omari Wooden, Rosanna Torres
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We have partnered with other government agencies to bring to you the Go Global Webinar Series.

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If you are considering expanding into the global marketplace, this series of webinars is just what you need to see. Each webinar is led by financial, regulatory, and trade experts and focuses on different topics – from picking your market, accessing trade data, learning about available financing options, just to name a few. Best of all, they are free!

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You can’t afford to miss out.

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Yesterday we held the 1st webinar of the series entitled “Where to get started.”

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In this webinar, Doug Barry from the International Trade Administration shared the benefits of exporting and opportunities for growth. He also discussed many of the trade resources found on such as the book “A Basic Guide to Exporting“, exporting success stories, training and guidance for businesses looking to expand abroad.

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If you missed it, click here to watch a recorded version of this webinar.

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Remember you can sign up for other upcoming webinars at:

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Registration closes 24 hours before each webinar.

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