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Trade Deficit Grows in September

November 14, 2013
Shannon O’Brien
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In September, the Nation’s international trade deficit in goods and services increased to $41.8 as exports decreased and imports increased. Exports decreased to $188.9 billion in September led by a $1.3 billion decrease in industrial supplies and materials. Imports grew $2.7 billion to $230.7 billion in part due to record high increases in automotive vehicles, parts, and engines ($27.1 billion). Notably September also recorded the highest on record deficit with China ($30.5 billion) partially due to holiday related imports as discussed below.

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Holiday Related Imports

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As we enter into the most wonderful time of the year, demand for seasonal decorations can be seen with holiday commodity trade around the world.

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This month alone we have imported artificial Christmas trees of $53.1 million and lighting sets of $187.4 million. China was the leading foreign source of Christmas trees in September making up $52.6 million of the $53.1 million world total imports to the United States.

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Through 2013 year-to-date, we have imported a total of $95.8 million of Christmas trees and $349.6 million of Christmas lighting sets. Both Christmas trees and lighting sets are the lowest since the 2010 holiday season when imports of Christmas trees were $73.3 million and lighting sets were $256.8 million.

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While there is still time to deck the halls, from all of us here in Foreign Trade, Happy Holidays to all!

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You can obtain this data and more by going to USA Trade Online.

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