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January 2014 Data Release Includes Lots of Changes

Fri Mar 07 2014
Fay Johnson
Component ID: #ti386121734

March 7, 2014

Component ID: #ti1878248406

The trade deficit in goods and services increased $0.1 billion to $39.1 billion in January.  This reflects an increase in exports of $0.6 billion to $192.5 billion, and an increase in imports of $0.6 billion to $230.3 billion.  These relatively small month-to-month changes, did not create many highlights this month. However, we have been working hard to provide you, the data user, with better service.  In particular, there are three things that have changed this month in hopes of achieving this:

Component ID: #ti1110456839

  1. Seasonal Adjustments by Geography – This month’s release has a new exhibit (19) which has seasonally adjusted data by selected countries and area data.   If you are excited about this as we are, you will want to know more information.
  2. Economic Indicator API – The economic indicator time series data sets are now available through the Census API.
  3. HS-NAICS Concordance We implemented revisions to the Harmonized System (HS) – North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) concordance. These revisions are the result a thorough review done to better align these two classification systems.

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