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Introducing the International Trade Management Division

Tue Sep 30 2014
Dale Kelly
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We are changing
… but we’re also staying the same. On September 22nd, the Foreign Trade Division officially became the International Trade Management Division (ITMD). Bill Bostic, Associate Director of Economic Programs, and other leaders at the Census Bureau looked at ways to streamline and consolidate our processes within the economic area. As a result, we have completed the first phase of this multi-phase approach by realigning our organizational structure. Subsequent changes will focus on re-engineering our processes.

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So what does this mean to you? The ITMD will continue to support the trade community in using the Automated Export System and understanding the Foreign Trade Regulations. We will also be taking on new responsibilities including data stewardship and management.

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Here are a few changes to areas you may work with:

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  • AES Branch will now be known as the Data Collection Branch
  • Regulations, Outreach and Education Branch has become the Trade Regulations Branch
  • Trade Outreach Branch is a newly formed branch supporting training and education for the trade community

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The ITMD will continue providing support for trade related data, but the Commodity Analysis Branch and the Data Dissemination Branch have moved to another area named the Economic Indicators Division and are now known as the Micro-Analysis and Macro-Analysis Branch, respectively.

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In summary, yes we have implemented a new organization structure, however you can continue to expect us to support the trade community through our training, seminars, webinars, call center, etc.   Our name may have changed but I can guarantee you that our goal continues to be providing you with a high level of quality customer service. You can continue to reach us at 1-800-549-0595 with any questions. Dale C. Kelly, International Trade Management Division.

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