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February 2015, Trade Deficit Decreased

Thu Apr 02 2015
Ariel Sedeno
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The trade deficit in goods and services decreased to $35.4 billion in February, a $7.2 billion decrease from the January deficit of $42.7 billion, revised. The decrease in the deficit reflects a decrease of $3.0 billion in exports and a larger decrease of $10.2 billion in imports.

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Below are a few highlights from February:

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  • Imports of industrial supplies and materials decreased $4.4 billion to $42.6 billion, the lowest since October 2009 ($42.2 billion).
  • February exports of consumer goods, at $17.8 billion, were the highest on record.
  • The February petroleum deficit, at $8.1 billion, was the lowest since July 2002 ($7.8 billion).

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To learn more about the FT-900: U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services and other economic indicators the Census Bureau publishes, join the Economic Indicators Division for the “Investigating Economic Indicators” Webinar series.

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