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FAQ’s of the ITMD Customer Service Survey

Thu May 14 2015
Vecoya Green
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The International Trade Management Division (ITMD) 2014 Customer Service Survey was a success thanks to you! The ITMD is delighted that so many of our users took the time to give us feedback about the services that we provide. Based upon the open ended responses, we found that many users had inquiries about AESDirect. We’ve compiled frequently asked questions to address these responses.

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How can I reset my AESDirect password?
Users can enable the Automated Password Recovery Process feature and answer security questions whenever their password is forgotten or has expired. You can find this feature under the User Maintenance menu and clicking “Reset My Security Questions.” This eliminates the extra step of faxing in a document to the technical support team. (Please note that your account cannot be disabled or locked out due to unsuccessful password attempts to enable the automated password recovery feature.)

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Why has the AESDirect Account Administrator filing ability changed?
This change is a result of requirements mandated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to provide a more secure environment for all filers. Administration responsibilities are now separate from filing responsibilities. Account administrators and user managers no longer have the ability to both manage the AESDirect account and file electronic export information (EEI) under a single username. All account administrators and user managers must create a separate username that is used to file EEI only.

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For more details on AESDirect roles, you may consult pages 3-4 of the AESDirect Account Administration User Guide.

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How can I delete a template in AESDirect?

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The Template Manager shows a preview of each template.
Click on the [+] beside the template name.
This displays the “Copy,” “Rename” and “Delete” icons.

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Delete template:
1. Click on the [+] sign under the Template Name.
2. Click on the X.
3. A message will be prompted before deleting the selected template. To delete, click OK.

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For more details on managing templates, you may consult page 26 of the AESDirect User Guide.

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Can I delete an AESDirect user account?

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You cannot delete a user account, but it can be disabled. This way if someone leaves your company, you will still be able to access the records they filed.

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To disable a user account

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  1. Log in to AESDirect
  2. Under Account Maintenance click “Manage Users”

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The AESDirect: Manage Users screen will open

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3. Search for the user

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a. Enter at least one character of a search string
b. Choose how you will “Search by…”

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• Username
• E-Mail Address
• First Name
• Last Name

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c. Click “Search”, a list of matches will be returned.

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4. Click “Disable” next to the username you would like disabled
5. A window will open and ask you to confirm
6. Click “OK” and DISABLED will appear where a user’s permission is normally indicated.

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Our AESDirect Account Administrator Guide on page 16 gives instructions on how to disable a user account.

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Can I obtain my export reports in AESDirect?

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You can access export information that your company has filed in AESDirect by using the Shipment Manager feature.

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If you need to access all of your EEI (this includes all export information filed using your company’s employer identification number), you may submit a data request to the ITMD. A company may receive 12 months of data free of charge every 365 days by submitting a data request. Find out more information by visiting our website.

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Overall, the survey results showed that our users are satisfied with the services, knowledge level and professionalism that ITMD provides. We will continue to do our best to serve you. Thank you to everyone that completed the 2014 ITMD Customer Service Survey!

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