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ACE Export Accounts and Export Trade Reports! Not AESDirect

Thu Jul 23 2015
Stephen Jackson
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Here is a quick check on some of the most recent information on the Refactored AESDirect project, the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and what it means to you.

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On June 27, the ACE Secure Data Portal began supporting a new account type for “exporter” accounts. This new account type allows access to ACE Export Trade Reports and will allow users to file via AESDirect in ACE later this year. Again, AESDirect will be migrated into the ACE platform later this year. This is not to be confused with the recent broadcast messages about ACE Exporter Accounts and ACE Export Trade Reports that are available now.

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What do these recent changes mean?

You can now register for an ACE Exporter Account and begin to view free ACE Export Trade Reports for shipments filed to the Automated Export System (AES) regardless of your filing method.

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If you are a current ACE Portal Import Account user, you received access to your Export Trade Reports on June 27 after adding the exporter role for your account. If you are not a current ACE Import Account user, or you have additional employer identification numbers (EINs) that are not associated with your ACE account, you will be required to complete the U.S. Census Bureau’s vetting process for each EIN new to ACE to gain access to ACE Export Trade Reports.

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For more information about the vetting process please read our broadcast message ACE Exporter Account Registration &  ACE Export Trade Reports.”

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What do these changes not mean?

You cannot begin filing AESDirect in the ACE system. This functionality will be rolled out later this year (see timeline below). We still encourage you to create an ACE Exporter Account in order to prepare for the roll out of AESDirect and to take advantage of the ACE Export Trade Reports function.

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Creating an ACE Exporter Account does not commit you to filing through AESDirect. This account will allow you access to your Export Trade Reports and the option of using AESDirect in the ACE platform when it becomes available.

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June 27: The account registration and export trade reports feature became available. Filers and USPPIs should begin to register for ACE accounts and request approval for access to their Export Trade Reports if you do not already have an ACE Import Account. Fall 2015: The AESDirect portal application will be available for filer use. Those who have already registered for an ACE account will have access immediately and all others will have to register for an ACE account in order to access the new AESDirect filing application. Filers will be able to transition “at-will” throughout a period of at least three months.
Early 2016 (tentatively): AESDirect EDI Upload & Weblink functionality will be deployed following the release of the AESDirect filing application.

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