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Upcoming Trade Webinars

Tue Nov 03 2015
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If you have not tuned into the ongoing “Investigating Economic Indicators” webinar series yet, now is the time to start!

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This webinar shows the public how they can access and use economic indicator data. These economic indicators provide monthly and quarterly data that measure the changing U.S. economy.

Tune into the seventh webinar in the series, Exciting Changes with USA Trade Online, on Nov. 4. Now that USA Trade Online is free to the public, in this webinar you will learn how to set up and manage an account in USA Trade Online. In addition, we’ll cover new data features, new fields and various functions of the now free database.

The final webinar for the year will study the relationships between different manufacturing-related economic indicators, as well as discover how manufacturing indicators relate to other federal data. Look for the Manufacturing, Products and Goods Across Indicators webinar coming in December.

If you missed any prior webinars or want up-to-date information on all upcoming webinars in the series, visit our webpage. We held the sixth webinar in the series, Wholesale, Retail and International Trade Indicators in a Global Marketplace, on Oct. 28. It delved into intriguing questions surrounding wholesale, retail and international trade indicators. It also explored connections between the different trade related economic indicators within an ever-changing global marketplace. If you missed it, you can view it <here>.

If there is a topic you would like to see presented in a webinar, contact us today at 866-564-5431.

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