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New Schedule B Numbers Have Arrived

Mon Feb 05 2018
Written by: Taylor A. Martin, International Trade Indicator Micro Analysis Branch, Economic Indicators Division
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The Schedule B commodity classification codes for export have been updated for 2018. Codes are updated every January and July at the 10-digit level. In this blog, we will explore three resources available on our website to help you navigate these updates. All resources can be found online.

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Schedule B Book

From our web site the new 2018 Schedule B book is available in the red box labeled “Browse” in HTML and PDF formats. Simply click on the link “Look through HTML or PDF versions of Schedule B book content” next to 2018 to browse section and chapter notes and Schedule B numbers by chapter.

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All current and historic codes added or removed from the Schedule B going back to the last major revision, in January 2017, can be found in the “Add/Delete List” under “Browse chapters.”

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Obsolete Codes List

Outdated Schedule B codes are available in the red box labeled “Obsolete Codes.” The “Obsolete to New” list is a quick way to see which codes are no longer valid, starting January 2018, and which new codes replaced them.

Notice that from 2016 forward, there were obsolete codes in both January and July. Before 2016, the Schedule B numbers were only updated annually.

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Schedule B Search Engine

The third resource available is the Schedule B Search Engine.

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Type a Schedule B number into the search engine, and if it appears, then the number is still valid. However, if the number is outdated, the search engine will show “No Results” for the code.

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For more information on the new Schedule B numbers, visit International Trade online; call the International Trade Help Line at 800-549-0595, Option 2 for Commodity Classification Assistance; or email <>.

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