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Filing in AESDirect: How do you find your Internal Transaction Number?

Wed May 22 2019
Written by: Maritza Torres, Governments Trade Management Division
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Have you wondered how to find your Internal Transaction Number (ITN) after submitting an export filing in AESDirect? Let’s look at the different ways to find your ITN.

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The ITN is the Automated Export System’s (AES) proof of filing citation. The Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) 30.3 states the U.S. Principal Party in Interest (USPPI) or Authorized Agent must provide a proof of filing citation, postdeparture filing citation, AES downtime citation, and an exemption or exclusion legend to the carrier. The ITN serves as the AES proof of filing citation in this requirement.

The AES generates the ITN, which is assigned to a shipment confirming that the Electronic Export Information (EEI) was accepted by the AES. The ITN starts with the letter “X,” followed by the year, month and day of acceptance in the AES, and six randomly assigned digits from the system. An example of an ITN for a shipment that was accepted on March 8, 2019, would be X20190308366903.

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Finding your ITN in AESDirect

There are several ways to locate your ITN after you have filed your EEI in AESDirect.

1. After submitting your export filing, ACE AESDirect will wait for a response. The following box will appear on your screen:


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From there, click “View” and you will be able to find your ITN within your EEI details:

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2.      The system will also generate an email response to the email address(es) provided in Step 1 of the EEI. This email will confirm if your export filing was accepted or rejected. If accepted, your ITN will be located:  

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3.      The ITN can also be located on the Shipment Manager of ACE AESDirect, under the “ITN” heading:

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Need further assistance?

For a detailed walkthrough of a filing in ACE AESDirect, you may use the Sample Shipment Document located at our ACE AESDirect Resources Page, or the AESDirect Walkthrough Series with nine short videos explaining how to file your EEI from start to finish.

If you have further questions, please contact the Data Collection Branch at 800-549-0595 using option 1 or send an email to

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