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Get Ready to Floss

Wed Mar 09 2011
Terri Long
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Do you remember your last visit to the dentist’s office?

Dentist: I noticed a bit of plaque build-up. Have you been flossing twice a day?

(awkward silence)

You: Um… I ran out and I just can’t find any at the drug store! There must be a shortage or something.

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It looks like you’re going to have to find another excuse for why your pearly whites aren’t exactly…well, white. USA Trade Online, the official source of U.S. merchandise trade data, reveals that imports of dental floss have been on a steady rise the last five years.

You can see in the chart below that in 2006, there was $26.3 million worth of dental floss imported into the U.S., with subsequent years at $34.6 million (2007), $49 million (2008), $64 million (2009), $75.4 million (2010).

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With USA Trade Online, your dentist can even identify the ports where floss is shipped in abundance.

So no more excuses. No more hiding your teeth in shame. Avoid the pain at the dentist and floss!

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Read more blog entries from Global Reach, the official blog of the US Census Bureau’s Foreign Trade Division.

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The Census Bureau comprises an extensive array of statistical programs and economic indicators. The FTD is a prime example of a function of the Census Bureau not related to the widely known decennial Census. The FTD is tasked with not only processing and disseminating U.S. foreign trade data, but also maintaining Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) related to reporting export shipments.

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