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Characteristics of New Housing

Tue Sep 06 2011
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What did new housing look like in 2010? How large was the average new house? How many bedrooms did new homes have? What was the average cost of a new single family home?

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Every year, the U.S. Census Bureau collects data on the characteristics of new residential construction. Here is just some of the information that may be found in the hundreds of tables presented in 2010 Characteristics of New Housing, which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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Interesting Facts:

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– The average single family house completed was 2,392 square feet.

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– 35% of single family homes completed had 4 or more bedrooms. 52% of them had 3 bedrooms.

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– The average sales price of new single family homes sold in the United States was $272,900. Average prices by Census Region were: Northeast $415,800; Midwest $232,800; South $244,900; and West $316,600.

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– 17% of new single family homes sold had a garage that could hold 3 or more cars.

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– 62% of multifamily units completed used electricity for heating fuel, while 35% used gas.

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– The average square footage of multifamily units completed and built for sale was 1,388.

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