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Start Here, Start Now: The 2012 Economic Census

Fri Mar 23 2012
Jamie Faulkner
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Once every five years, the Census Bureau updates the nation’s most comprehensive measure of America’s business activity, capturing the statistics that shape the way we look at our economy.

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The 2012 Economic Census will provide detailed information on every industry, from the national to the local level. These reliable, accurate and consistent economic statistics keep our understanding of the United States economy on track.

Later this year, businesses will begin receiving their forms. Currently, the Census Bureau is reaching out to business media, trade associations, chambers of commerce, economic development agencies, and others who communicate with businesses.

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The newly updated and launched explains why the Economic Census is important and shows how the data are used.  Illustrative industry and local business “snapshots” depict economic data for specific industries and communities. Users will also find information on how to use Economic Census statistics, video testimonials and information on what businesses need to know about the Economic Census.

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