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The Opportunity Project Demo Day Press Kit

About The Opportunity Project

Friday, March 1, 2019 -- The Opportunity Project is a collaborative effort between government agencies, technology companies and nongovernment organizations to translate government open data into user-friendly tools that solve real world problems for families, communities and businesses nationwide. To date, 30 federal agencies and more than 100 technology companies, universities, and local communities have come together to develop solutions that improve access to economic opportunity, resulting in the creation of over 70 digital tools that now help families, schools, local officials and other members of the public.

Archived video: The Opportunity Project Demo Day


12:00 Welcome and Overview, Opening Remarks

12:30 Lightening Talks: Building Resilient People and Places – TOP Geo-Cohort

1:10 Break

1:20 Lightening Talks: Revolutionizing the Workforce

1:45 Government Leadership Speaker, Deputy Secretary of Labor Patrick Pizzella

1:55 The Opportunity Project: Health Showcase

2:10 Break                                       

2:20 Lightening Talks: Supporting State and Local Decision-Makers

2:50 The Future of The Opportunity Project, Closing Remarks

3:15 Live Demonstrations Begin

New Tools

Datel Ovela: Sille

Sille uses Census block data with open EU sentinel 1 InSAR to build a block level structural risk product that encourages local stakeholders to prepare for crisis through increased awareness of the likelihood of catastrophic failure of their structures in a disaster.

UC Santa Cruz & Motivf:  Disaster Awareness Game 

UC Santa Cruz & Motivf used federal disaster declaration and protective actions data to create a serious game that engages young adults in preparing for emergencies.

Bloomberg: DEVOP Demographic Environmental Volunteer Opportunity Plotter

Bloomberg used Census Bureau and STEW MAP data to build an interactive map which allows users to see key demographic and consumer issues. Using a form, we are able to then plot activity and events done by the community groups. CareerNav's CareerNav uses data from the Department of Labor's O*NET Database and Bureau of Labor Statistics to help veterans translate their skills and visualize career and educational steps toward reaching their dream jobs in desired locations.

IBM:  Watson Employment Manager

Watson Employment Manager uses DOL Career One Stop, Onet center, and Google maps data to provide career recommendations on potential job/apprenticeship matches based on conceptual search and training recommendations, based on skill gap analysis.

Nepris Industry Connections

Nepris industry connections platform uses Department of Labor O'NET data to link relevant and authentic industry content to actual job descriptions to provide learners and job seekers opportunity for career exploration and exposure. Content is organized into 16 career clusters as proposed by the U.S. Department of Education.

REI Systems: Grants Impact and Story Tool (GIST)

GIST uses federal open data from,,, FEMA, HHS, and the Department of Education to visually showcase how federal grants spending leads to desired performance outcomes, enhancing federal accountability and transparency for the American public. 

iCASA: Civic Address Governance Platform for Puerto Rico

Civic Address Governance Platform for Puerto Rico uses datasets from the Census Bureau, U.S. Postal Service and the National Address Database (NAD) schema to help the municipalities and communities in Puerto Rico enhance their address infrastructure to support the reconstruction process, improve emergency response and foster a more resilient future.

Spatial Networks: Fulcrum Community for Addressing & Disaster Preparedness

Fulcrum Community for Addressing & Disaster Preparedness, is a field data collection platform that allows communities to collect crowdsourced data with the Fulcrum mobile application. Spatial Networks used the Census Bureau’s National Address Database schema and USDA’s NAIP imagery to create a Community account for The Opportunity Project which provides a field data crowdsourcing platform for government or agency stakeholders with gaps in their data on the ground.


Dr. Steven Dillingham, Director, U.S. Census Bureau

Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier, Director, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Dr. Neil Jacobs, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Environmental Observation and Prediction; NOAA Deputy Administrator

Patrick Pizzella, Deputy Secretary, Department of Labor

Ed Simcox, Chief Technology Officer, Department of Health and Human Services

Alex Amparo, Deputy Assistant Administrator, National Preparedness Directorate, Federal Emergency Management Administration

Outside Agency Public Affairs Contacts

Department of Labor
John Horstman

Department of Education
Sally Harris

Department of the Treasury
Imani Lester
@Fiscal Service

Office of Management and Budget
Joel Savary

Natalie Rico

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Alexandra Travis

United States Forest Service
Jane Hodgins

Office of Science and Technology Policy
Elena Hernandez

Department of Health and Human Services
Elizabeth Squire
@HHSIDEALab – Office of the CTO

Julie Roberts

Social Media

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