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Executive Staffing Changes as the 2020 Census Moves From Planning to Implementation

Release Number CB17-RTQ.09
Component ID: #ti1943559113

OCT. 20, 2017 — With the 2018 End-to-End Census Test underway and the 2020 Census taking place just over two years from now, the U.S. Census Bureau must begin to shift its focus from planning and research toward implementation. We are making management changes to reflect this new phase of the census and to ensure a complete and accurate count.

Albert Fontenot Jr. will be the new associate director for decennial programs. He brings a focus on operations and implementation for the 2020 Census that is needed during this critically important phase.

James Treat, who previously led all program and schedule management for the 2010 Census, is the new assistant director for decennial programs.

Lisa Blumerman, who led the research, planning and development for the 2020 Census, is moving to a similar role focused on the expanded use of administrative records in the Research and Methodology directorate. The use of existing information already provided to the government by taxpayers, along with other third-party data, is critically important for the 2020 Census and the future of data collection activities for the federal statistical system.



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