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Release Number CB21-RTQ.29

The text below was emailed to regional and area census office leadership on September 5, 2020 by U.S. Census Bureau field leadership, with the subject line Important Information related to Census Bureau's Compliance with today's Federal Court Order


Guidance for Census Bureau Field Employees 

A federal district court for the Northern District of California issued a temporary restraining order at 9:29 PM EDT on 9/5/2020 in the case of National Urban League v. Ross, No. 20-05799.  The Order provides that the Census Bureau and the Commerce Department "are enjoined from implementing the August 3, 2020 Replan or allowing to be implemented any actions as a result of the shortened timelines in the August 3, 2020 Replan, including but not limited to winding down or altering any Census field operations, until the Court conducts its September 17, 2020 hearing on Plaintiffs’ PI motion.” 

The Census Bureau and the Commerce Department are obligated to comply with the Court’s Order and are taking immediate steps to do so.   

The Bureau and the Department are also in the process of preparing additional guidance and will distribute that guidance shortly.   

Enumeration will continue. 

The Order is attached for reference. 

Direct any questions to your regional management.  


DISTRIBUTION:  All RDs, DRDs, ARCMs, Area Managers & ACOMs



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