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Father’s Day: June 19, 2022

Press Release Number CB22-SFS.91

From the American Presidency Project, Proclamation 10230—Father's Day, 2021

“Father's Day is a time to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the fathers and father figures in our lives who lift us up on their shoulders and shape our lives for the better. We thank the dads who have guided, taught, coached, cared for us, and supported us through life's trials and tribulations. And, we celebrate all that they impart: character and perspective, lessons borne from experience, and the sacrifices made from love.

“We also know this can be a hard day for many—for those who have lost a father, a grandfather, a stepfather, or a fatherly role model; and for those fathers who have lost a child of their own. During the past year, too many families lost fathers too soon because of and during this pandemic. We think of them today and every day, and we honor their enduring memories and legacies.”

Key Stats

From Census.gov / Statistics in Schools / Resources / Fun Facts:

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More Stats

How Many Fathers?

Source: Current Population Survey (CPS), March and Annual Social and Economic Supplements, 2021 and earlier.

Thinking of You, Dad

  • NAICS 444110, Home Centers
  • NAICS 444130, Hardware Stores
  • NAICS 448110, Men’s Clothing Stores
  • NAICS 451110, Sporting Goods Stores

Stay-at-Home Dads

Source: Current Population Survey (CPS), March and Annual Social and Economic Supplements, 2021.

Child-Support Payments

Source: Current Population Survey (CPS) Child Support Supplements, April 1994 to 2018.

This report includes these stats about fathers:

  • Custodial parents have become more likely to be fathers over the past 24 years, increasing from 16.0 percent in 1994 to 20.1 percent in 2018. (HISTORICAL STATISTICS, page 2)
  • In 2017, custodial fathers received $2.5 billion of the $4.3 billion that was supposed to be received (58.4%). (Appendix Table 3)
  • In 2017, 43.1% of custodial fathers received full child support that was supposed to be received. (Appendix Table 3)

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