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National Hot Tea Month: January 2023

Press Release Number CB23-SFS.002

According to the Tea Association of the U.S.A., Inc., The State of the U.S. Tea Industry 2021-2022:

“Overall, the tea market grew in 2021. In reviewing tea import figures through September, total tea imports are up over 8%, with Black Tea exceeding 2020 by more than 9%. As reported last year, a qualitative study sponsored by the Tea Association reported that consumers turned to tea during those difficult times. This trend continued in 2021. Tea’s perception as being an enabler for de-stressing as well providing a feeling of ‘centeredness’ during these anxious times. This complements tea’s perception as a plant-based, healthful drink, consumed for its variety of benefits, rooted in its high flavonoid content. In fact, several new research papers were published in 2020 and 2021 illustrating tea’s extraordinary ability to act as a booster of human immune systems. 

Photo: Hot Tea

“Further, consumers seem to truly embrace the entire process of brewing tea in their home. It is known that personal ‘tea ceremonies’ whether using a family recipe or a ‘mom’s’ kettle or a certain mug, in and of itself calms and relaxes. This coupled with tea’s natural ability to induce a ‘relaxed but ready’ mental state, heightens the feeling of serenity and internal quiet, mental states that were at a premium during this past year.

“And as we know, mental health is only part of tea’s attraction. Literally thousands of published scientific journals have documented tea’s ability to positively impact human health. Whether potentially interfering with cancer mechanisms, enhancing heart health, slowing neurological decline, positively impacting weight management and preventing diabetes or improving bone health and lastly boosting immune functionality, tea is good for you and tastes great!”

Key Stats

From census.gov  >  Business and Economy  >  International Trade Data:

Note: The table above is modified to hide columns for years 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019, and 2020 to make it more readable here. Click on the image for the full Excel table including many rows below 10000 Crude oil.

More Stats

From census.gov  >  Business and Economy  >  International Trade Data:

Note: After you create an account, select options for State Export Data (Origin of Movement) or State Import Data (State of Destination) by Harmonized System (HS) or NAICS. Select State, Measures, Commodity (search for tea-related commodities), Country, or Time for data. More information can be found in the Quick Start Guide.

Source: 2018 - 2020 Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM)

  • NAICS Sector 31-33, Manufacturing
  • NAICS 311, Food Manufacturing
  • NAICS 3119, Other Food Manufacturing
  • NAICS 311920, Coffee and Tea Manufacturing

Source: 2017 Economic Census

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Page Last Revised - December 22, 2022
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