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The estimates presented in this report are based on 1998 data collected from a sample of approximately 34,000 companies with employees and 12,000 businesses without employees. For those companies with employees, capital expenditures data are published for 97 industries. In addition, total capital expenditures, with no industry detail, are shown for the businesses without employees.

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Composition of Industry Codes

The industry categories used in the survey were comprised of two- and selected three-digit industries from the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Manual: 1987. Industry combinations were developed through an analysis of test survey results. This analysis consisted of reviewing the frequency and value of industries reported. Also, consideration was given to related industries for which respondents were unable to separately report. In addition, a category was provided for structures and equipment expenditures serving multiple industries; for example, headquarters, regional offices, and central research laboratories.

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Information Requested

Three survey forms (ACE-1, ACS-1(S), and ACE-2) were used for the 1998 ACES. The ACE-1 survey form was mailed to a sample of approximately 16,800 companies with employees serving multiple industries. The ACE-1(S) form was mailed to a sample of approximately 17,200 companies with employees serving only one industry. Recipients of these survey forms were requested to provide capital expenditures data for each industry in which they had activity and to classify these expenditures as new and used structures and equipment.

New structures and equipment include expenditures for new buildings and other structures, structures that have been previously owned but neither used or occupied, new machinery and equipment, and other new fixed assets. Used structures and equipment include expenditures for buildings and other structures which have been previously owned and occupied, secondhand machinery and equipment, and other used fixed assets.

Companies with employees were asked to report the type of structure acquired and whether the structure was the construction of a newfacility; acquisition of existing facility; or remodeling, renovation or modernization of an existing facility. These companies were also asked to report the type of equipment acquired and whether the equipment was new or used.

In addition, these companies were asked to report new structures and equipment acquired under capital lease arrangements entered into during the survey year, and capitalized interest incurred to produce or construct new fixed assets during the survey year.

The ACE-2 survey form was mailed to a sample of approximately 12,000 businesses without employees. Capital expenditures data were requested separately for newand used structures and equipment. (Examples of ACE-1, ACE-1(S), and ACE-2 survey forms are in Questionnaires and Instructions.)

Questionnaires and Instructions

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